Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy 61st Birthday Timothy! Part 4

For our final bit of celebration for Timothy's birthday, I've put together a MySpace for the site! You can find it here:

Timothy B. Schmit Online MySpace

You MySpacers, be sure to "friend" it - even though there's a couple more things I'd still like to do with it.

Once again, Happy Birthday to Timothy! Thanks for the music, Tim!


Tammy said...

Happy belated birthday! You were great in Dallas(both times). I thought that was so nice when you gave your pic away. Just wish it could have been me. Love your new cd "Feed the Fire". My birthday is 11-30-57. God bless. Tammy

Unknown said...

Sure do miss your diary entries. Just throw us a bone once in awhile.
Thanks for the music so far. I can honestly say it made a difference in my outlook on life.

Kelley Jo Holt