Sunday, August 10, 2008

Timothy Joins In On Joe's Live Online Chat

Joe Walsh hosted a live online chat on August 1st for his fans. You may be thinking - cool, but why are you posting that news here. Because in case you haven't heard by now, Tim joined Joe for the second half of the chat. There were quite a few technical difficulties during the chat from Boston, but it was still quite entertaining. In spite of the fact that they were both wearing glasses, they had a difficult time reading and answering the questions that the fans were sending in, but they were troopers and did the best they could. We will give you the highlights about what Tim had to say regarding his solo efforts here. There will also be posts on Joe Walsh Online about what Joe had to say regarding his personal life and solo career and on Eagles Online Central about information regarding the Eagles.

So here's what Tim had to say:

* Tim is working on a solo album, but isn't sure when it will be released.
* Tim says none of the Eagles will guest on the album because he wants it to be completely different.
* He does say that there are a lot of other great guest appearances, but he isn't saying who right now.
* Tim says his voice is about 90% back after his accident, which "freaked" him out.
* He is doing daily voice therapy exercises and expects his voice to be 100% by year-end.
* Tim said the band rehearses any songs the next day that were "bad" the night before when touring.
* He doesn't have as much time to do as many entries in his diary as he'd like.
* Re: Working with Toto was '"nuts", but they are a great group of musicians.
* Tim loves Aretha Franklin's early work.
* Tim listens to jazz music in the morning and classical music after a show.
* He says that the suits that the band is wearing in concert now are hot, but that he doesn't "hate" the ties.
* He hasn't spoken with Don Felder in recent times.

It is such a treat for fans when Joe does these chats. But, talk about a bonus - it was awesome that Tim joined him! Hopefully, we can look forward to other 'guest' appearances in the future.